We are to perfect the world with the Kingship of God.

Since man was banished from Eden it has become the role of the Jewish people to act as intermediaries with the other peoples of the Earth and make them recognize and accept God as Lord and ruler of all.

We are to perfect the world with the Kingship of God.This is why we are called the chosen people and a light to the nation. We have been chosen by God as his representative to spread his messages and glory throughout the nation of the world.

This manuscript in rhyme has four sections. The first section includes poems of praise from more than fifty of God’s creations. If they praise God as their creator, we too should praise him in that role. The second section of rhyme is based on the wisdom and advice of the Bible, a cognitive connection to our God. The third section includes poems describing God’s kindness to man. This binds us to God in a loving emotional way as the God who is like a father supplying the needs of his children. Finally. the forth section includes many of the Bible’s Psalms translated into poetic English. We learn about God’s greatness through King David’s relationship with him. This book will have appeal to Jews as well as to Christians and After all, the purpose of the book is to influence the nations as much as it is to show Jews how to be the teachers and role models.

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Dr. Mark Gersten

Mark Gersten is a physician who has practiced Internal Medicine and Geriatrics for more than forty years. He has six children and many grandchildren. He is involved in religious endeavors in his community. He began writing poetry after his first wife passed away. He still lives in Great Neck with his second wife.

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