October is a colorful and compressed book of fall stanza poems and that had it also written purposely in the New York Autumn Time of the year for the strict enjoyment of adult lovers to read. Uniquely written in the morning, afternoon, and nighttime, October is again for lovers that offers them all a taste of autumn, giving each the spirit to nestle with one another and to share those special moments on those cold, dark nights. Herein with this book, is Gary Beers’s very own method of poetry, named, him, as free-flow-poetry comes alive at its best...right in the palm of your hand. You will be one person so very amazed as you become part of the author's thoughts and made one with the world of fall. Become one with Mr. Beers as he brings you into the world of October! October by Gary Beers is also a fable and parable poetry prose work of poetic spells. First off, a fable is a literary genre: a succinct fictional story, in prose or verse, that features animals, legendary creatures, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature that are anthropomorphized (given human qualities, such as the ability to speak human language) and that illustrates or leads to a particular moral lesson (a "moral"), which may at the end be added explicitly as a pithy maxim. A fable differs from a parable in that the latter excludes animals, plants, inanimate objects, and forces of nature as actors that assume speech or other powers of humankind. Gary Beers describes a parable poetry prose work here with his October as is it one of a succinct, didactic story in prose or verse, which illustrates one or more instructive lessons or principles. It differs from a fable in that fables employ animals, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature as characters, whereas parables have human characters. A parable, Gary Beers says, is a type of analogy. Some scholars of the canonical gospels and the New Testament apply the term "parable" only to the parables of Jesus, though that is not a common restriction of the term. Parables such as "The Prodigal Son" are central to Jesus' teaching method in the canonical narratives and the apocrypha. Enjoy!

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  • Pages: 370
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Why Me?

This play by one muse was fully developed and written miraculously between Saturday, March 17, 1990---Wednesday, May 10, 2017! According to the playwright’s publisher, It is the longest professional play script ever written and has 3-Acts 24 Scenes lasting more than 20.54 hours! The play, the world’s longest professionally written play script, was it one created by an eclectic America, writer-playwright known as Gary Beers. This play is unique worldwide and atypical, per Gary Beers’ description. He successfully wrote this eclectic literary piece by himself for more than 27 plus years and recently had he finished it. He has now made it ready for its debut in its own production as an On-Off Broadway theatrical and a full-production event. He alone has brought it to a true and lasting state of perfection! Gary Beers was the play’s sole writer and master editor.

The publisher did not change any of the play’s contents! Anyone who sees it now is seeing it exactly as Gary Beers always intended for it to be seen, read, and precisely performed!

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I Love You A Million Times!

Author Michael E. Stevens has come up with an ingenious idea to tell that special someone "I Love You A Million Times!" Just imagine what it would be like to download this book or purchase the paperback for your lover on their birthday, Valentine's Day, on your wedding night, honeymoon, or just to say, "I Love You!" This rare and unusual book says ‘I Love You A Million Times’ to that special someone in your life. You can surprise them at any time with this extraordinary gift for your own affection for them. They will be very touched by the sentiment, and maybe you will have the night of your life! So, if, you are at a loss for words, this is your answer. Whether it be that memorable first time, and or one of the many that you enjoy together, you can bring your evening to an unforgettable, and surprising pinnacle when you share this one of a kind made it here today available to you as an exclusive gift of love by you to your loved one!

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Jim Riley, a lost soul beleaguered by bipolar illness, has just one day left on earth to settle his differences with the Devil to reclaim the love of his life. Jim tries every tact to reason with the Dark One, but to no avail, as repossession and dark fantasies have become one with him. In now there only twenty-four hours left in a repressed and stinky, rotten mental ward covered in past human secretions, priests and a young psychiatrist in upstate New York are left to deal with a middle-aged man whose realm of reality one a reality known only to him alone flickers in and out of psychoses to an erratic state of psychotic possession and laughter that can only be heard from the bellowing belly of the Devil himself! Now, the question is, will our protagonist Jim survive the dark tortures that would lead any man to a state of suicide? Or will he be set free by the grace of the God in whom he once believed? In part two, as in Gary Beers’ first horror novel “Psycho Psychiatry,” the Devil himself is back by popular demand to once again wreak havoc on innocent people. This time the action takes place in the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania, where two priests are summoned to save an eight-year-old girl from the clutches of the Dark One, who stops at nothing to win her soul. His treachery is unnerving as he defames the Church, embarrasses the clergy, and plans to kill anyone who gets in the way of his desires. The circus is here again. The psycho is loving it! Come see the circus—if, you dare! As a bonus, novelist Gary Beers guides us through The Passing of Time, his first trilogy of short stories, demonstrating the author’s versatility with his various styles of writing. Gary Beers exhibits another of his many talents in part one of a “Sonnet Wishful Encounter,” as he makes use of an Irish dialect and his extremely descriptive approach to make his readers feel like they are part of the story while he brings us into the world of the characters. This is a story with which most of us can identify. In part two of “Cosmic Erdello,” Mr. Beers again demonstrates a medieval style of writing as he tells the biblical story of Cosmic Erdello, the God of Life, who, like many of us humans, falls prey to sins of the flesh and, as a result, loses his station in life all because of love. Lastly in part three of Mr. Beers’ trilogy “A Reminiscence,” depicts his journey from childhood into maturity, detailing some of the true-to-life hardships and obstacles he endured, for which he credits some of his many a few writings and their many successes he today enjoys now!

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  • Pages: 158
  • Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN 978-1-64084-134-5 ePub
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Gary Beers

Gary Beers has he been for almost thirty-years a world renown master writer and master certified editor all genre and including a summation of many hundreds of writing styles Today from All Over the World toin “all” Genregenres….’ And haven does he today one a total sum of some six hundred areas of academic scholar and professional expertise in these areas of interest are they to Gary Beers. He is a worldwide certified master writer Today from All Over the World toin “all” Genregenres….’ He is an editor to all genre and their eclectic writing styles and respective areas of in their levels of proficiency.
…is HHe is seen it wia novelist, playwright, mastermaster ‘‘eclectic’’
writer, children’’s book writer, and an acclaimed poet laurettelaureate. He is known throughout the entire Western World entire is he know and has a base readership of fans totaling more than, 320,000,000!

Gary Beers, was he onethe writer, was born to Edward & and Margaret Beers on June 8th., 1971, in just was he Gary Beers it was he the only one born in the third largest city in New York State: “Yonkers, New York!” He is the second youngest child of eight other children, all by the same parents above. He is the sole creator and inventor of "Free-Flow Poetry.” Some have they question, ed what is was it is now entiledentitled it to be namely it called: "Free-Fflow Poetry?”? It was it here seen itself as was it with tis ‘Free-flow poetry’ made it he by Gary Beers first and only just in the period now induring his successfully writing career that, it is one ofand includes one’’s many rapid and uncanny mood swings allowing that allow one to live in the realm of time while applying clichés, metaphors, and oxymoron’soxymoron’s., and tThe language which was taught to you to create, is created at a rapid rate and psychological state. Thus, this type of poetry with has a meaning to unto the its-self.

It is, one could say, somewhat like “‘Sigmund Freud's Freud’s Free Association....’” is it oneIt is saying the first thing that comes to mind and free-flow poetry is similar in that, like a song, a main thought may change about the mood and augment a new line in the stanza that has absolutely nothing to do with the prior thought in the list of lyrics. It is one of free, serial, and surreal thoughts allowing one to share their unconscious motives in such poetry outlined here as free-flowing. There are no rules or ““sStatus qQuo English procedures”” and or they established as they being, there it those namely as their so-called ““musts”” in creating this type of writing style. It The style is one which that allows you to be free to express the self without hindrance and which that makes you write whatever comes to mind without fear of the norm and standards set forth in the English vernacular of our day.

His Beers’ surname stems goes back to 1602, and he is the eighteenth 18th generation. His son, Gary, Jr., as the first born, was the first born towill carry on the now very old now it made his very own known as his sSurname: of Beers., and now it oneThis name dating dates back he once said:to 1547-1633, AD! Gary It Beers is a German-Irish-English surname.

Gary Beers’’s career as a prolific writer began some several years ago, when he wrote a memorial for a deceased friend. After leaving the original copy at the man's man’s gravesite, he showed another copy to another friend, Anthony J. Carlucci, an a, (Actor (stage name: “‘Tony Carl’”) and made himself known as in who had he was to just, then, was it made itself known by Gary Beers in that, had he in total but carefully had he made his written work that was it to be in a state of muse been he made the one person, that, was he attributed himself and, had he been blamelessly been it he one now it praised was it his writing person in and by many in was it he whom had he been, in was it, in that the one factual made it the one to had it been again, he the only writer that, was it had he tactfully been it he whom, it was by his person, whom it was it he whom reformatted the entire, and, it made the aforementioned.

Gary Beers is a man that he is himself one it he is he so very happy with himself he one it to truly he a one it he to himself it he to be it literally he is he a man yet can he it be it found exiting he himself when he can now whom does heand spends many long hours by the a cozy stone fireplace. Gary Beers is who he is today by aafter a lifetime of hard, diligently it work he itthat has made he him a worldwide famed afamous in Yonkers, as a New York-Born born a world over he is an American writer of all genres, and on a world- renowned is he known ateam of one editor and he one a writer. He writes with he throughout the entire world today is he known well as a one a gifted it he in his writing talents displayed does he in their very own fog with it in their existence it he does he naturally has he does it obviously in I seen by him, in withas evidenced by his many writing publications and his inexplicable editing talents.

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